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This year, the Vojnić Tourist Board submitted the project “Preparation of studies, and production and installation of tourist signalization in the municipality of Vojnić”, which passed the tender Fund for underdeveloped tourist areas and the continent. Through the project, we have made a Traffic Study of Tourist Signalization in the municipality of Vojnić and so far we have placed 23 signs at 12 locations.

In 2023, we plan to apply again to the tender in order to create and install tourist signalization in the entire municipality of Vojnić.

By placing tourist signage, our visitors will be able to easily navigate the area of Vojnić municipality in order to be able to direct themselves to all the cultural sights and natural beauties that need to be visited when arriving in this area. The project is of high importance for the development of the tourist offer of the destination, for enriching and raising competitiveness, as well as for extending tourist activity and increasing consumption in the destination. The project contributes to easier orientation and better informing of tourists and increasing the number of overnight stays and arrivals to marked tourist sites. By setting up tourist signalization, the offer of tourist services will become more accessible to potential visitors, which will ultimately contribute to the preservation of historical, cultural and traditional heritage. 2 state roads pass through Vojnić municipality and tourist signage will draw attention to our cultural and natural sights and accommodation facilities for a large number of passengers in transit.