The right to access to information held, maintained or supervised by the Vojnić Municipality Tourist Board is governed by the Right of Access to Information Act (NN25/13). Criteria for determining the amount of reimbursement of actual costs and delivery costs of the information (NN 12/14); correction (NN 15/14).
The law prescribes the principles of access rights, exceptions of access rights and the procedure for obtaining and protecting the right of access to information. The purpose of the law is to enable and provide information to natural and legal persons through the openness and publicity of the activities of the public authorities, in accordance with the law.The right to access to information is obtained by submitting a request to the Vojnić Municipality Tourist Board. If the application is submitted in writing, it is necessary to fill out the Request Form that you can send to the following address:
Vojnić  Municipality Tourist Board, Trg Stjepana Radića 1, 47220 Vojnić;by email: info@tz-vojnic.hror bring it in person to the Tourist Office of the Vojnić Municipality Tourist Board on a working days from 8:00 to 15:00. When submitting your application you do not have to pay an additional fee with the form.
Director: Josipa Blažević
tel: +385 (0)47 883 020
mob: +385 (0)91 731 47 48

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