Green Night is a two-day international sport event organized by the Sports Society of Petrova gora at the end of July or at the beginning of August. Sports events take place at the “Kralj Petar Svačić” Stadium and in the evening there is a relaxing gathering organized at the Hunting Lodge “Muljava”. The cultural and artistic program is organized by SKD Prosvjeta (National Folk Ensemble). This event promotes customs of this area and traditional Kordun dishes. Green Night is the most visited event in the Kordun area with nearly 1,000 visitors every year.


Each October mushroom pickers from the Karlovac County organize the Mushroom Day in Muljava. The manifestation includes the exhibition of edible and inedible mushrooms. Mushroom lovers can exchange their experiences, establish new contacts and it all ends with a relaxing gathering organized at the Hunting Lodge “Muljava”.