Petrova gora is the central tourist destination and trademark of Vojnić municipality. Many historical sites are hidden in its green forests which point to a lively past of this area. It was once called Gvozd and today’s name has been given after a Croatian king Petar Svačić who was killed on its slopes in the battle against the Hungarian army in 1097.

With its magnificent landscape full of beautiful creeks, forest flowers and wildlife, Petrova Gora attracts tourists throughout all seasons. In spring you will be delighted with its freshness, greenery and fragrance of blooming forest flowers. In summer it provides a stunning shady place perfect on hot days and it is the best choice for the escape from the warm city asphalt. Autumn brings numerous forest fruits and a true color explosion. Snow cover in winter creates a real idyll and will delight you with its magic.

Numerous cultural and historical monuments and sites that are located in the woods of Petrova gora testify to a rich history of this region. There is the King’s tomb with a memorial panel in honor of the last Croatian king Petar Svačić and an archaeological site with remains of the Pauline monastery from 14th century. At one of the highest peaks of Petrova gora, called Mali Petrovac, you can see the Central Partisan hospital built during World War II. It is also an imperative to visit the monumental memorial Petrovac which was built at another highest peak of Petrova Gora called Veliki Petrovac. It was built in honor and memory of fighters and victims who died in this area at the time of World War II.Along with the historical sites you can also go into the woods to pick mushrooms or maroons. You can also take a walk on the educational paths called “The Roman Path” or “The King’s Path” and discover more about our history.