This gathering of star enthusiasts is organized every year at the end of August or early September. The Star party starts with gathering on friday afternoon in the Hunting lodge Muljava. Observation takes place from the parking lot at the top of Petrova Gora, near the monument. In the afternoon at the Hunting lodge there is usually a lecture and screening of a documentary film, and the evening the star observation again. The accommodation is available in the Hunting lodge Muljava in your own arrangement but it is also possible to camp in the meadow next to the lodge. It is advisable to book a room in advance.
The path to this idyllic location where the event is held is very accessible. The asphalted road leads to observation sites located near the monument. The observation location is divided into an astro-photographic and a visual part so everyone can fully enjoy this unique experience. If you get here during the day you can enjoy the view from the Petrova gora, which stretches to the south and Velika Kladuša, and to the east and Glina. Take a walk on one of the educational trails or visit cultural and historic sites located nearby and discover this wonderful forest. You can also participate in the lectures and photography contest, visit astro flea market, camp, and socialize with other astronomy enthusiasts.

This combination of the silence, starry skies and untouched nature will definitely impress everyone!