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At the 20th session of the Tourist Board of the Croatian National Tourist Board, held on 21 December 2022, members of the Tourist Council adopted the Decision on the allocation of funds to local tourist boards for the procurement of tree seedlings in 2022 and 2023 within the project „Hrvatska prirodno tvoja“ (“Croatia naturally yours”). This is a little more than HRK 1.2 million that will be distributed to a total of 116 tourist boards in accordance with their applications for the purchase of seedlings intended for tourist destinations in order to reduce the carbon footprint. In this way, Croatia will contribute to the fulfilment of the objectives of the Glasgow Declaration on Forests and Land Use – Glasgow Declaration on Forests and Land Use, as well as to the further sustainable development of tourism.

According to the aforementioned Decision, the Vojnić Tourist Board, in cooperation with the Municipality of Vojnić, financed the purchase of 16 seedlings of Maple jelly – Acer platanoides L.  We purchased the seedlings from the company Zelenilo d.o.o., Karlovac, and the planting was carried out by the local company Vojnić komunalac d.o.o.

According to the instructions of the Croatian National Tourist Board, it is necessary to take into account the autochthonous species, the climate where they are planted and it is certainly of great importance that tree seedlings are planted in visible places in destinations (urban centers, promenades, waterfronts, etc.). Therefore, on 06.04.2023., we planted 16 seedlings of jelly maple in the park in the center of vojnić municipality, on Stjepan Radić Square. All seedlings are marked with the appropriate sustainability sign „Hrvatska prirodno tvoja“ – “Croatia naturally yours”.

During the planting of trees, we were also visited by students of the first grade of Vojnić elementary school. During their education and growing up, students will monitor the growth and development of “their” planted tree, notice changes in it during the seasons and enjoy its shade during the summer months.

This project is praiseworthy and we will try to continue with such a project in the future through which we will plant trees wherever we can, in order to allow our residents and our tourists and visitors to enjoy walking and recreation during their stay in our municipality, which abounds in natural beauty.