Rooms, Ivan Dujlović

Vojnić, S.Radića 3, 047/883-280,

In the centre of Vojnić, on the top floor of the facility, there are 6 two-bed and 2 three-bed rooms with 18 beds altogether. The rooms are modern, clean and cosy, with a TV device and a bathroom. Besides accommodation, visitors can order food, in agreement with the owner. On the ground floor of the facility is the caffe bar „Kum“ which offers pleasant atmosphere, a wide list of beverages and free Wi-Fi.

Contact: Mr. Ivan Dujlović, 098/226-046


Vojnić, Muljava bb, 098/456-378,

Muljava is located about 30 kilometers from Karlovac and 7 kilometers from the centre of Vojnić and is a part of the Tourist Centre Petrova gora. The facility was built in 1962, at the place where one of the first three Croatian Forest companies was established in 1765. It was modernized and completely renovated in 2007.

Catering services and accommodation in 8 rooms (16 beds altogether) are part of Muljava´s offer. Besides various types of dishes, their offer includes organization of different private ceremonies, like wedding feasts, organization of formal events, catering and a conference room.

The restaurant´s rich cuisine includes game dishes, cooked to order meals, grills, seasonal food, skewered food, and their well known desserts with wild fruits. Muljava Restaurant has been included in 100 top restaurants in Croatia three times in a row (2007 – 2009) and it won „Restaurant Croatica“ reward.

Besides Muljava restaurant, Tourist Centre Petrova gora includes a big catering facility in open. A big structure with a timber roof offers food and resting places. A campsite and a set of bungalows will be built as part of the facility, for a big number of tourists that visit this part of Croatia but also for travelers to Topusko, the Plitvice Lakes and the Croatian coast.

Tourist Centre Petrova Gora offers their guests educational and hiking trails through beautiful breech and chestnut forests, cycle tracks, picking chestnuts and mushrooms events, sightseeing tours (the place of death of the last Croatian king Petar Svačić in 1097; the remains of a Pauline monastery from 13th century, the partizan hospital from Second World War, the monument on Petrovac, etc.)

School in nature with professional guidance is available for primary school pupils.

Contact: Mr. Boris Jarmek, 098/456-378


Knežević Kosa, Knežević Kosa 38 A, + 385 95 893 79 72

In the village Knežević Kosa, 2.5 kilometers from the center of Vojnic, there is a vacation home with two stars. The vacation home is decorated and furnished with two double sleeping rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. The house is ideal for guests that want a little bit of rest from everyday.

Contact: Mr Voin Opačić, + 385 95 893 79 72


Karlovac County has many rivers that provide refreshment in hot summer days. A well-known swimming place at the beautiful Korana River is only 12 kilometers from Vojnić (village Mlakovac). Thousands of people spend hot summer days swimming in the Mrežnica and the Kupa rivers, from May till October.


In a small village Živković Kosa, 5 kilometers before Vojnić (when you travel from Karlovac) the Scheltus family has created a beautiful permaculture farm. The members of the family, with the help of volunteers from all around the world, are designing their property following permaculture principles, with the wish to create a self-sustaining place with positive energy and togetherness. They have been organizing different workshops for the last few years (blacksmithing, wool, self-development, permaculture etc.). This summer, they are starting with Robinson tourism. Also, they plan to make a camp site for all their visitors that want to spent pleasant time in nature. More info at: and FB: bogatasuma.