The centre of municipality, Vojnić, is a small Croatian town situated at the bottom of Petrova gora, a mountain called after Croatian king Petar Svačić. Vojnić Municipality is located in the east side of Karlovac County, at an interesting tourist spot – between Karlovac in the north, Slunj and Rastoke in the west, Cetingrad in the south and Topusko in the east. The southeastern border that follows the river Glina is the international border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The distance between the centre of Municipality and Karlovac is 25 km, Topusko 27 km, Rastoke 36 km, Plitvice Lakes 69 km, Zagreb 75 km, Velika Kladuša (B&H) 27 km, and Ljubljana (Slovenia) 155 km.

Agricultural fields and forest areas covered with white breech, oak and hornbeam trees are the dominant landscape.

According to the last census of population in 2011, Vojnić Municipality has 4764 inhabitants.

The dominant economy branch is agriculture, and farming is mainly in function of cattle-breeding. Good quality forests are the foundation for the wood industry.

The strategic plan for the economic development of Vojnić Municipality is based on the beautiful nature and natural resources and on the development of tourism – mainly hunting, rural, excursions and cycling tourism.


In the middle ages, Croatian noble municipality Kolarić existed in the area of Vojnić Municipality. All the people were noble – free village people. Croatian and Hungarian king Bela the Forth gave them the noble title. Croatian town Vojnić was established during the war with the Otoman Empire with the role of an defensive town towards Bosnia and Hercegovina.

The history of the region can be seen through many cultural and historical monuments and at important locations.


The geographical location, natural resources and potentials give Vojnić Municipality a good start for the development of tourism.

Petrova gora is the trademark and the distinguishing sign of Vojnić Municipality. Besides it, there are many historical sites that attract tourists, like the tomb and educational trail linked to the death of Croatian king Petar Svačić who died there in 1097. That area also includes an archeological spot with the remains of an 14th century Pauline monastery. It is located at the top of Petrova gora, Mali Petrovac, near the central partizan hospital that is constituted of wooden objects and a dugout. It was built for the wounded and sick people from the wider area during the Second World War. And at the very top of Petrova gora is the 37 meters tall monument Petrovac.

In the hearth of Petrova gora, surrounded by centuries old breech forests, is a renovated Hunting Lodge Muljava that offers different possibilities for activity holidays and enjoyment in natural beauties. The area has many walking paths and educational hiking trails.

The region of Petrova gora is well known for its high quality game animals and it is a real hunting paradise. The most dominat game animals are wild boars and deer, and before there was lot of moufflons. The hunting ground registers numerous visitors from Croatia and other countries (England, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Slovenia…). Lately, the snipe hunting is especially popular.


The main objective of Vojnić Municipality is the development of all tourist potentials and capacities, especially the development of rural tourism that is in close link with the local population and, at the same time, other tourist branches like adventure and sports tourism (hunting, fishing, adventure sports), cycling tourism. Also, the objectives include the development of traditional manufacture and preservation of natural and cultural heritage of the region.

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Croatian Culture and Art Association „Sveti Ante – Herceg Bosna“, Tušilović

The association „Sveti Ante – Herceg Bosna“ was established in 2015 in Tušilović with the aim to preserve, cherish and develop cultural and traditional heritage of the regions their members come from but also of other Croatian regions.
It gathers citizens, pupils and youth with the aim to develop and promote cultural and artistic amateurism which raises the youth and cherishes patriotism and Croatian culture.
The president of the association: Mr. Stipo Adžaga, contact: +385 91 503 2298

SKD Prosvjeta (Folk dances ensemble)

Prosvjeta is an active association with the following activities: folk, music, drama and rhythmics.


Fire department Vojnić

Fire department Vojnić is a voluntary, professional, humanitarian and non-profit civic organization established in 1999 and it has huge importance to Vojnić municipality, Karlovac county and Croatia. Besides the regular activities, their work includes the implementation of preventive protective measures against fires and explosions, the provision of technical support in accidents and dangerous situations and saving people and material assets in case of natural disasters and other accidents.
The president of the organization: Mr Marko Delić, contact: +385 47 883 175

Football Club Vojnić 95

The club was established in 1997 with the goal to promote football and other sports among Vojnić municipality youth. It has 106 registered players and is in the first football league of Karlovac county from 2004. The players are divided in four sections: seniors, juniors, pioneers and junior pioneers. They are in the same rank as the players of Duga Resa, Ilovac, Slunj and Ozalj clubs.

Sports organization Petrova gora

The football club Petrova gora was established in 1946 and restarted in 2005. The club is a part of the second football league of Karlovac county and it has 72 players in three teams:
–    Kids – County league
–    Pioneers – Second County league
–    Seniors – Second County league
The club leaders are focused on gathering the young people interested in sports and developing the sports spirit among the players.


The creative organization Ruke

The organization is in charge of organizing and implementing creative events in Vojnić and promoting the creativity among children and young people. It was established in 2013 and it has organized many important manifestations and events: children camps, carnivals, Christmas parties, creative workshops for children and children day care. Recently, the organization became a part of an international project Reach for Change whose main objective is the protection of children on the global level. As a part of project activities, the association Ruke will organize day care for children, courses, trainings, workshops and youth camps. The members are mostly women from Vojnić who design and make various souvenirs from natural and recycled materials.

Contact: Milena Basara, fb: kreativnaudruga.ruke


Udruga za bolje sada – Ekodrom

Ekodrom is a non-profit organization founded in April 2012 with the goal to promote sustainable methods of development and to encourage creative ways of expression and quality of life in harmony with nature. Through its activities, Ekodrom seeks to encourage young people to learn by doing and offers non-formal education in various fields like culture, ecology and sustainable development. Ekodrom´s most important manifestation is a three days long educational festival with workshops „Tko pjeva zlo ne misli“. It is organized each June on an eco estate in a small village Bukovica Utinjska and more than 400 people from different parts of the world visit the event every year.

Contact: www.ekodrom.hr, fb: udrugaekodrom


Association of bee-keepers Kesten Vojnić

Kesten Vojnić is a newly established association with the aim to educate people about the importance of preservation of bee colonies and their influence of the life on Earth. Their work is based on pleasant gatherings and mutual learning about bees and beekeeping.

Contact: Nenad Bogut, 095/903-2859


Astronomical association Beskraj

Beskraj organization was founded in 1998 in Zagreb for lovers of astronomy. Its main activity is the observation of starry sky from locations without light pollution. They cooperate with other astronomical organizations from Croatia and neighbouring countries.

Contact:  www.ad-beskraj.hr